ABOUT – Brick Town Glass

Fused Glass has been Alysa’s passion ever since she was fourteen years old. Her father is a stained glass artist and was a strong influence in her starting with this medium. Since she began she has been participating in art shows every summer. Her work is displayed in galleries across Michigan. Alysa studied Marketing at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. She knew that it would be a great addition to her skill set and help to promote her art. 

Brick Town Glass officially started in 2012, but Alysa has been creating fused glass art under her father’s company since she was fourteen. Moving from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Metro Detroit had heavy influence on the name Brick Town Glass. She views Metro Detroit affectionately as Brick Town.

Alysa Marie Diebolt – Artist Statement

“I began working with fused glass when I was fourteen. Through learning the technical process, I have been able to experiment with the medium, making a variety of products.

A large portion of my work revolves around the concept of functional beauty. I believe that every day people go through life using many products, and I work to make sure those products are both usable and visually attractive.”

More Information

Fused Glass Process

Fused Glass is the process of melting glass together in a glass kiln at 1450*F. Fusing also includes a technique called slumping (1265*F) which entails “softening” the glass over treated ceramic or stainless steel molds.

Care Instructions

All pieces are food safe, but not recommended for use in dishwashers, microwaves, or ovens. Please hand wash.